So what happens if my site fails?

Here is where most of the rubbish is being spoken in relation to the Water Services Bill. Phil Hogan Minister for the Environment has stated on many occasions that the repairs or remedial works necessary will be in relation to bringing your on-site system up to standard required at the time you got planning. The current standard was launched by the EPA in 2009 and relates purely to planning applications after that date, if that was the case every system installed prior to that would need to be changed which is rubbish.

The Government are purely interested in the fact that the on-site system you have is not polluting and causing health risk.

This is a genuine effort to clean up pollution

Every site will have to be looked at on an individual basis and improved the best way possible agreeable to all parties. It doesn’t make sense that you will be required to bring diggers and plant equipment in on your beautifully manicured garden with huge cost and damage if a less invasive job can been done to please all.

You are not being targeted as a money making exercise, systems similar to this are in place of over Europe, we have to have environmental responsibility, after all you can dump a bag of rubbish in a field, so why would you dump sewage in your drinking water. This has to be seen as a genuine effort to clean up pollution and in the long term prevent it.

There is a benefit for anyone whether your get Council, group scheme or private water, the better quality it comes out of the ground the less money being spent to treat it so we can drink it.