The legislation has been designed to minimise the impact on householders who can be assured that if their systems are working properly and are being maintained the impact of the new system will be minor.They are adopting a very practical approach to the inspection guidelines, Septic tanks and waste-water treatment systems must be operational and maintained. The risk-based system of inspections will commence in 2013 and will be objective and evidence-based, i.e. unless there is evidence of endangerment of human health or the environment, the system in place will pass inspection. There is no question of applying the EPA’s 2009 Code of Practice to older on-site systems.”

Practical requirements for on-site systems:

  • Ensuring that roof water or surface water run-off is not allowed enter the treatment system;
  • That grey-water from washing machines and sinks is being treated in the system;
  • Are the pipe-works and vents of a system blocked or obstructed;
  • Are manhole covers and other components of the system of good working order or sealed where appropriate;
  • Any mechanical or electrical components of the system, for example pumps or alarms, are fit for purpose;
  • Recommendations will be included regarding the frequencies with which systems should be emptied or de-sludged.

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