Yesterday Minister Phil Hogan announced a reduced fee for the registration of your septic tank from April to June 2012. The original charge of €50 has now been slashed in an effort to encourage people to register and soften the blow. It is thought that the majority of tanks will pass and that a load of hysteria is being drummed up by the opposition parties in a hope to muddy the waters and cause panic. Mr Hogan said that a lot of problems will be cured by a simple de-sludge or in English having the tank emptied, the average cost of this is approx €50 to €100 every 2 years. Those figures to be honest are a bit understated and would be more accurate at €150 to €180 every 2 years. The standards going forward are to be agreed over the next 2 weeks and then a 4 week consultative process is to take place with all the interested parties.

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