Are you drinking the water from your neighbour’s Septic Tank???

Well the answer is you could be. Inspections are a good thing; they will help find defective systems that are causing pollution to our ground water. Whether you like it or not you are responsible for the system on your own property and its maintenance. Both Septic Tanks and Packaged Wastewater Treatment plants need emptying regularly, and packaged systems need regular servicing as parts stop working and pumps only have a limited life span.

Unfortunately the other issue is just bad or incorrect installation. Some sites have not been installed to comply to original recommendations during the planning process, and others corners have been cut and inadequate percolation areas or none have been installed at all.

The EPA will control the register for inspectors are soon going to be running a training course for next year, it is understood that these people are properly qualified people currently within each Local authority. This is a good thing as the will be deemed neutral as the have no financial gain for properties being failed.


An Inspector Can:

  • Enter and inspect and premises with an on-site system, with the property owners permission.
  • Inspect or examine the condition of your on-site system including any manholes, drains, vents etc associated with it
  • Monitor any waste water being discharged from the on-site system
  • Take photographs
  • Carry out surveys, take levels, take samples or carryout examinations of the depth and nature of subsoil
  • Require information regarding the servicing and operation of the on-site system and view any documentation relating to it.
  • Request that any part of the premises be left undisturbed for a period of time until proper inspection can take place.


It’s an offence to:

  • Refuse an Inspector access to the property to do their job
  • Obstruct or mislead the Inspector in any way.
  • Failure to comply with the Inspectors requests